Miscellaneous Pictures:


Consuelo's Fairwell

Odd Pictures

Despedida de Amaia

Cobb Island

MarInes' Luau Party

Christmas Dinner at Tati's

Tati's M.B.A. Graduation Party

Trip to Australia January 2001

Trip to Quito Ecuador 2001

Ale & Laura en DC December 2001

Pablo Sahade's Farwell December 2001

XMas Gift Echange @ Eugenias 2001

New Year's Eve Party 2001

Charades At Eugenias Jan 2003

Asado @ Martin's Aug 2003

Fran & Grace's Farewell

Flight School(s)

Pato in NY & DC 2000

Claudia Lima in DC 2005

Dinner for Jean @ Martin & Claudia's and also at Eu's Oct 2005

Dinner for Marce & Tim @ Eu's Oct 2005

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